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Monday, May 14, 2007

Merryls’ Food mishaps. Part III

So, Merryl and Vicki are in a hurry. They need food fast because Vicki lives on the other side of Kigali, it’s almost 9pm and the small minibuses stop shunting people from place to place very soon. It’s also very dark, and it is not the safest part of town. After waiting about 20 minutes for a brochette and salad, Merryl asks how long it will take.

“It’s coming” – great. No need to leave to catch a bus and go hungry tonight.

5 minutes later – “where is it?”
“It’s ready now”.

Ten minutes after that, Merryl and Vicki catch the sight of a man shuffling into the kitchen holding a couple of carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. The salad might not coming just yet.


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